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NEW microwave and dishwasher-safe bright gold paint for tableware.

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Gold Paint resistant to microwave and dishwaherBMQ has developed a new gold paint for tableware that, after firing, creates a gold layer that does not produce sparks when electromagnetic waves of the microwave are used to warm up the food contained in that decorated tableware. In addition, it resists several washing cycles in a dishwasher.

The BMQ’s gold paint for tableware resistant to microwave and dishwasher can be applied on a ceramic, porcelain or Bone China substrate. It is available in both application methods: liquid version for brush, and paste for screen printing, being able to use it for direct printing and for decals.

The result is a gilded effect with a copper shade.

Main features of the new bright gold paint for tableware resistant to microwave and dishwasher

  • Liquid Gold 6% – For brush
  • Gold Paste 8% – For direct screen-printing and decals


  • Substrates: Ceramic, Porcelain and Bone China
  • Firing: 840 ºC – 45 minutes
  • Screen mesh: 100, 120, 140, 160


  • The tableware decorated with the gold paint is submerged in hot water (96 – 99 ºC) containing 0,3% Calgonite.
  • The product resist 3 cycles of 2 hours each. It is equivalent to 500 household cycles.

From now on, it is possible to heat up food in any ceramic dish, bowl or recipient with gold motives in a microwave and wash it in a dishwasher.

Feel free to contact us if you want to have further information about our new gold paint for tableware resistant to microwave and dishwasher. T. +34 937 539 630 – mail.

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