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Auxiliary materials for ceramic decoration: Brush for liquid bright gold aplication

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Good quality camel hair or sable brushes should be used if you want to aplicate liquid bright gold on pottery or tableware with optimus results. This brushes can be find in various shapes and sizes according to need, whether for lining, banding or “tracing”. The brushes should be reserved exclusively for bright gold and be kept clean and free from dust. After use they should be cleaned with Precious metal Thinners.

The brush can then be rapidly dried by flicking the bristles across the back of the hand.


To prepare the brush for painting it should be dipped into the gold and worked

on the flat part of the shell or on a smooth piece of glass or glazed ceramic tile

until it is well saturated with gold. Then the brush is passed lightly over the

surface used as a palette in order to remove excess gold and bring the hairs

to a fine point in the case of a lining brush or to a smooth edge for a bander.

If you want to know more about good quality brushes for hand decoration of ceramic or about our other high quality auxiliar materials for ceramic decoration please contact us.

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