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How can precious metal decoration on glass wine bottle increase the value of your wine?

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Precious metal decoration on glass bottles of wine can help you to increase the perception of value of your product.

Is not a secret that nowadays, thanks to the evolution of the transports and to the global knowledge of products given by new media communications, is frequent to find each time options and varieties of wines at store. Not to talk about the wide range of options you can find at online.

That is why wine producers have each time a bigger challenge to differentiate their products from the competence.

Nearly 70% of the purchase decision on wine is taken once you are on a store, don’t matter whether it is online or physical.  The consumer is not loyalist to brands anymore and they want to find the best product at the best price. Of course there are a lot of parameters that are taken into account on the decision such as brand, grape variety, place of origin, price…. But once you have the selection of wines that meet your requests, How do you take the final decision?

Choosing a wine

The answer is simple; you will get the one that connects with you emotionally. The one which has the most beautiful design.

The branding and decoration of a bottle of wine is what makes it stand out from the shelf and call the attention of the consumer. This is why the inversion on design of bottles has been increasing during the past years.

On the other hand, wine is not only a daily consumption product. Wine has also occupied a place in the luxury goods associated with greater prestige or “status” granted by variables such as price and brand. In this case it is a wine bought for occasional use, for special moments, special situations or as a gift.

It is obvious that in this situations bottle design takes even more importance than other parameters. The design of the bottle, label, back label, cap, collar and even closing, are basic and have a fundamental role in selling the product. The exterior should already be a promise of quality and exclusivity and offer the greatest added value. Price is not a decisive element anymore.

Precious metal decoration on glass has always been a symbol of luxury and quality. Many wine producers have realised of this trend and this necessity and have already developed incredible precious metal designs on their packaging and bottles to position themselves within the luxury goods market.

Precious metal decoration on wine glass bottles

Here we leave an example of what you can do with Precious metal decoration on glass bottles of wine in order to increase the value perception of you wine.

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