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NEW microwave and dishwasher-safe bright gold paint for tableware.

BMQ has developed a new gold paint for tableware that, after firing, creates a gold layer that does not produce sparks when electromagnetic waves of the microwave are used to[continues]

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How to correctly apply paste gold, paste platinum an paste lustres on screening.

These golds may be used just as they come out of the packing or diluted between 5 and 10% aprox. Sometimes this dilution is necessary to give the gold a[continues]

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March 2015 events

SGCD pro ANNUAL MEETING AND EXPOSITION , March 21-23, 2015 Columbus, OH, USA BMQ products for glass and ceramics will be introduced by Fusion Ceramics, Inc. our agents for US and[continues]

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Precious metal decoration on conmmemoration gifts

Precious metal decoration on commemoration gifts and anniversary gifts Regarding commemoration gifts or memento gifts for a special date or event, the style and premiumness is a must as the[continues]

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Precious metal decoration on gifts and souvenirs

Precious metal decorations on ceramic or glass gifts or souvenirs have always been a symbol of luxury and refinement. Using it on the decoration of your gift and souvenir products,[continues]

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Precious Metal Pastes for Production of Decals for Glass decoration.

Decorating on glass or crystal with Gold or Platinum through Decals is the best method of application if you are planning to decorate on uneven or angled surfaces. Waterslide decals are[continues]

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Precious metal plastes for Direct Screen Printing On Glass

Direct screen printing is one of the most common methods when decorating glass or crystal with Gold and Platinum. Obviously, this method is the most common due to the results[continues]

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