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Paste gold, paste platinum and paste lustres (I)

The same as the liquid bright golds, we can produce equivalents in paste from which basically are mixtures of the same organic components we have spoken of on the post[continues]

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Alberto Almarza, our new employee

We are proud to announce the incorporation of our new employee Albert Almarza Martínez to our team at Brendle Metalquímica, S.A. Degree in physical sciences, master in nanoscience and nanotechnology whith[continues]

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Liquid bright golds and platinums (II)

Because of the tecnology used in our laboratory, our products to not show problems of sediments on the bottle botom, except as mentioned before for matt golds. If due to[continues]

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Liquid bright golds and platinums (I)

Liquid bright golds and platinums are solutions of gold, silver and platinum of middle to low viscosity for application with an appropiate brush on ceramic or glass surfaces. Normally these[continues]

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March 2015 events

SGCD pro ANNUAL MEETING AND EXPOSITION , March 21-23, 2015 Columbus, OH, USA BMQ products for glass and ceramics will be introduced by Fusion Ceramics, Inc. our agents for US and[continues]

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Tania Cantos, our new employee

Welcome 2015!   We are proud to announce the incorporation of our new employee Tania Cantos to our team at Brendle Metalquímica, S.A.  With a Degree in Business Administration and[continues]

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2015 Ceramics exhibitions and conferences Calendar

List of exhibitions and conferences that will take place during 2015 related to ceramic business. Brendle Metalquimica will attend some of them as an exhibitor and as visitor to some[continues]

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Precious Metal Pastes for Production of Decals for Tiles decoration.

BQM can provide you with Gold paste and Platinum paste for decal decoration on Tiles and porcelain surfaces. We can be proud of having achieved high quality products at a[continues]

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Auxiliary materials for ceramic decoration: Brush for liquid bright gold aplication

Good quality camel hair or sable brushes should be used if you want to aplicate liquid bright gold on pottery or tableware with optimus results. This brushes can be find[continues]

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Precious metal glitter preparations for decoration of tiles

Precious metal glitter  tiles and decoration of surfaces is becoming one of the hottest trends in decorating. Especially when talking to bathrooms and kitchens or places that need to be[continues]

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