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Precious Metal Pastes for Production of Decals for Glass decoration.

Decorating on glass or crystal with Gold or Platinum through Decals is the best method of application if you are planning to decorate on uneven or angled surfaces. Waterslide decals are[continues]

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Precious metal plastes for Direct Screen Printing On Glass

Direct screen printing is one of the most common methods when decorating glass or crystal with Gold and Platinum. Obviously, this method is the most common due to the results[continues]

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Precious Metal preparations for brush application on glass .

BQM  provides a wide range of Bright Gold and Platinum preparations to be applied by Brush on all types of glass and crystal available in the market. BMQ Precious Metal preparations[continues]

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Difference between carat and % of gold in solution on precious metal decoration.

On Precious metal preparations for decoration of tiles, glas and tableware, it is important to distinguish and make it clear that there is no equivalence between carats and % of[continues]

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Tonalities of precious metal decoration on tiles, glass and tableware.

 Precious metal decoration on tiles, glass and tableware try to imitate the colours of the existing alloys in jewellery. Therefor we can distinguish four main groups: Gold decoration or Reddish[continues]

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Precious Metal Decoration – How to get different gold colors?

Precious metal decoration on tableware, glassware, bone china and tiles have always been a symbol of Luxury and refinement in the most distinguished houses. The gold decoration is a classic[continues]

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Brendle continuous investment on research and development.

Brendle is a medium sized company that has managed to carve a niche among the leading companies of precious metal composition and lustres for decoration of tiles, ceramic and glass.[continues]

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How to save on production costs for tiles, tableware and glass decorations.

Gold decorations doesn’t need to be expensive. Gold and platinum compositions for decoration have evolved a lot as demand has grown and the price of precious metals has increased. Currently[continues]

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Wide and beautiful colour range of Lustres for ceramic and glass

The lustres of Brendle Metalquímica are extremely bright and colourful what results on beautiful colour decorations on tiles, tableware, bone china, porcelain, ceramic and glass. We provide two different types[continues]

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New Rose Gold for decoration of ceramic and tableware.

Rose gold is on trend!!! You can see it all over the jewellery store windows and on the red carpets of fashion events all around the world. Brendle is going[continues]

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