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What´s a liquid bright gold / lustre ?

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gold and lustre for tableware decorationThe compounds called “liquid bright platinum” or “liquid bright lustre” are mixtures of organic compounds and resins, all of them solubles in solvents of organic nature.

The organo-metallic compounds take charge of the gold or silver colour of the final product. Resins and solvents give a suitable body for its application on the substratum.

Other organo-metallic compounds called fluxes must be added, in small quantities and soluble form. They provide the necessary adherence between the metallic layer and the ceramic surface.

All organic materials of the initial product are eliminated by thermal decomposition. Thus we can say that from about 300 ºC begins the appearance of the bright metal layer, being completed at about 400ºC


  • Mr hocine 5 YEARS AGO

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    • Marcos Gonzalez 5 YEARS AGO

      Mr. Fran will answer you directly at your private e-mail.


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